Ian Leiman
Ian Leiman

This is the private blog of Ian Leiman, a sub-site of the Leiman Family site at www.leiman.fi. I write here mostly about my personal life sometimes in English language, but also in my native language Finnish. The Google translator does a semi-decent job in automatically translating Finnish to English, so you might try that to read text that looks strange. There should be a translation widget on the right sidebar that can translate to quite a many languages. I also write another blog about my hobby scuba diving, but that one is only in Finnish language. You can find me from following social media sites:

  • Facebook, but you need to be my FB friend to see any content
  • LinkedIn, for professional contacts
  • Google Plus, I have an account but don’t use it much
  • Twitter, but I rarely tweet myself

You can use this contact form to contact me.

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