Spring and Summer 2013

The entire year 2013 was extremely busy for all of our family and consequently there never seemed to be enough time to update this blog, there were always higher priority things to do.  

In March 2013 I did a long scuba diving trip to Truk Lagoon in Micronesia, which I have documented to some extent in my scuba diving blog, which I write in Finnish language. This trip was in planning for many years and required a lot of preparation. After spending almost a month away from work, I had a huge backlog of things to catch up in my work at Ericsson.

The summer vacation I spent traveling, first a week in Spain with my children, and then two weeks in Thailand at Koh Samui with my wife Minna. The summer weather has been pretty nice and warm in Finland too, although I did spend a lot of it abroad.


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