Winter is here

Winter has really started here in Finland in full force. Early December we got the first permanent snow in a large scale snowstorm, which created chaos even here where we should be accustomed to snow and ice, and a hard winter is a fact of life. We have been getting a constant flow of snowstorms for the entire month and it has been quite cold all the time. By now we have half a meter of permanent snow in Southern Finland, and for next weekend we are expecting a cold front from Siberia, which means temperatures of -20 to -30 degrees Celsius.

Ski resorts have been able to open the season, and our family opened the ski season last weekend. For Christmas holidays our entire family is going to Ruka resort in Northern Finland to spend the holidays and skiing together. At this time only half of the resort is open, but all of the slopes are scheduled to be opened next weekend when we arrive there.


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