Winter is coming

Today I changed winter tires to my car. A sure sign of winter coming. We got first snow to Helsinki area two weeks ago and a short period of below freezing weather, but then it became a bit warmer again. Now the weather forecast looks like we could get snow and ice. In my previous job the office was so close that I could defer changing winter tires unit the inevitable had happened, but now that I have to drive 20 km on busy motorway, summer tires will not do if there is snow and ice on the road.

And as all the service stations and garages changing tires were busy already, I had to change the tires myself. I don’t enjoy this task too much, but at least I saved the 24 EUR that it costs 😆 . And the weather outside wasn’t too bad. I still remember those couple of times when I changed tires in heavy snowfall in freezing cold weather.

In Finland the law requires winter tires on cars from December 1st until 31st of March. You are allowed to use them one month earlier and later than the mandatory period, or if conditions require.

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