Too much comment spam

By default WordPress allows blog readers to write comments to posts and pages. This provides a nice way to have discussion and interaction between blog writers and readers. Unfortunately – just like there is a lot spam and junk email flooding the Internet, there is also comment spam.

There is a nice WordPress plugin called Akismet, which does a very good job in filtering out most comment spam, and it has done a great job in filtering out +99% of the comment spam this site has received. It is just amazing how much comment spam is falling on this little site alone. I can only imagine how much spam must be flooding into big & very popular sites. 🙄

However,even with the Akismet plugin a site administrator still needs to check every once in a while the spam queues and clear out all that junk to get permanently rid of it. That still requires some time & work, which would be better used for something more useful and creative.  🙂

Therefore I have decided to limit commenting features on this site to bare minimum to reduce comment spam. This means the following:

  • Commenting on posts older than 7 days is disabled
  • Only registered users may comment
  • All comments are moderated